Income Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation | Clement C Brandenburg Jr CPA, PA - Palm Beach Garden, FL

Clement C. Brandenburg Jr CPA, PA has been helping a variety of clients with their income tax preparation needs for over 30 years. I am a highly trained professional who stays current with IRS tax rules and regulations. I will make certain the correct form is filed for whichever type of service you need.

Filing the incorrect tax form can result in IRS tax penalties, fines, and other punitive damages. Instead of making any mistakes, people in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area have been trusting me for expertise in this complicated and confusing matter. Clients may hire me for their federal income tax preparation. Each client sits down with me and goes through a cursory interview process. This helps me obtain all kinds of needed information to arrive at tax-saving ideas, methods, and accounting methods. This applies to both business and private individual tax returns.

"The Hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax." - Albert Einstein.

As a Certified Public Accountant, I handle a variety of local, state, and federal income tax preparation. This can save my clients hours of frustration, labor hours, and record keeping. All can quickly add up to additional expenses.

Clients trust me with their payroll tax issues. The IRS is very stringent on this issue. This includes maintaining payroll records by regularly updating with journal entries, employee changes, garnishments, labor and industries requirements, and similar situations. Effectively handling this area of federal income tax preparation is crucial for keeping businesses out of trouble.