Business Planning

Business Planning

Business Planning | Clement C Brandenburg Jr CPA, PA - Palm Beach Garden, FL

Planning – Luck is good planning, carefully executed!

Every business is a Family Business in my practice.

The Plan tells anyone who needs to know how we do things here. People are almost impossible to manage. Rather than managing people, management is really all about managing a process, a step-by-step way of doing things, which combined with other processes, becomes a system.
Business Structuring
What is the most beneficial form of organization for your business? Sole proprietorship? C-corporation? S-corporation? Limited liability Company? Weather yours is a start-up or mature business, you need to periodically evaluate its structure to take advantage of the tax and nontax benefits available.

There is no perfect solution when it comes to selecting a structure in which to conduct business. Some of the factors we’ll help you consider include:

• Asset Protection
• Double Taxation
• Expected Losses
• Financing & Capital
• Ownership Flexibility
• Owner’s Compensation
• Fringe Benefits
• Retirement Plans
• Buy-sell Agreements
Accounting Services
• Tax Preparation
• Financial Statement Preparation
• Bookkeeping
• Payroll Tax Returns
• Sales Tax Returns

Show me the money and what do you do to keep it. For example, cash flow is what money does in a business, as opposed to what money is. Whether the business is large or small, money tends to move erratically through it, much like a pinball. One minute it’s there, the next minute it’s not.

Information is inconclusive, advice is information converted into action. Avoid potentially costly mistakes by implementing tax-efficient and cost effective strategies.